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Discover the next best seller 10x faster

Want to develop a menu item as iconic as Pumpkin Spice Latte? Join Upsiide now and create the next iconic sensation that your customers will crave.

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Why QSR brands love Upsiide


Solutions built specifically for QSRs

Our Menu and Flavor Testing solutions were made for QSRs. Wherever you are in the innovation process, you can screen and prioritize ideas, optimize your concepts, and predict your innovation’s volume and source of volume - all in one platform. Isn’t it a dream?


Improve your ideas by understanding the "why"

Learn the reasons behind people’s choices with Idea Split. Idea Split allows you to ask additional questions about select ideas so that you can understand consumption frequency, occasions, motivations, as well as emotional and rational responses.


Optimize your menu for the whole organization

Managing a menu is more than just picking top items. Let our Market Simulator help you out. Build a stronger business case with volume and source of volume projections so the whole organization can understand the impact. Get ready for higher profits with the power of simulation!

Flavor Testing Swiping Exercise Example

Flavor Testing

Our Flavor Testing solutions will show you that there IS accounting for taste

Everyone says that taste is subjective. Our Flavor Testing solutions will help you understand everyone’s personal preferences and what new flavors will resonate with them the most.

Pizza image

This is where we tell you why Pizza Hut loves us

With the drastic changes that COVID brought, Pizza Hut needed a platform that would help them land on the right creative for marketing campaigns. 

Upsiide saves you time and money

  • We saved a lot of money. Before, if we wanted to test 30 ideas, we would spend thousands of dollars. And the amount of waiting time would mean weeks lost. Upsiide saved us time so we could act on key insights quickly - while saving valuable budget.

    Pizza Hut

    Devon Lawrence, Marketing Manager

    Pizza Hut

See Upsiide in action!

Curious to see what a QSR study would look like? Dive into a survey we ran to screen different burger ideas.

Upsiide QSR Dashboards

Ready-to-market innovations in 5 simple steps

  • Hand drawn burger


    Draft your ideas

    Generate as many ideas as you can and test them against each other using our Idea Screening tool. It’s as easy as swiping on a social media platform.

  • Hand drawn burger with more details


    Choose a direction

    Start prioritizing your ideas - which ones have the most opportunities for innovation? Quickly and easily prioritize your ideas with our 5 handy dashboards

  • Colored burger with lots of details


    Develop a concept

    Once you find the most promising idea, it’s time to go full speed ahead and craft a concept that will tickle their taste buds!

  • Claims


    Hone in on the details

    Don’t forget to refine and optimize extra details that come with your concept. You’re almost ready to launch!

  • 3D burger with a Fresh sign


    Ready to serve

    Time to introduce your final product. Craft a rollout plan with just the right messages to attract your perfect audience. Your friend Upsiide will you support you at every stage!

Which features do consumers love most in QSR ordering?

We turned to North American consumers for answers. Watch this webinar to learn how brands should approach different consumer groups and create the optimal ordering experience.