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Make sure campaign creative works.

We've all heard horror stories of advertising efforts gone wrong. At worst, your brand gets cancelled. At the very least, it's left a bit scuffed up. Creative testing massively limits your chances of scuffs, period.

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Why creative testing?

Find out which works best.

On Upsiide, you can test up to 50 ideas/pieces of creative/ads and get a sense of which win out, which need to be optimized, and why. The competitive context is killer here.

Gauge emotional response.

A/B testing on social channels tells you which creative is converting, but it doesn't tell you why. Upsiide is useful when you want to better understand what makes your audience tick.

Maximize your advertising budget.

Tracking ad performance is hard. Upsiide's deep-dive diagnostics help you quantify your ads' impact on the target audience and find points of optimization for better ad performance.

Phones showing an image format or a video format

A mobile-first testing option.

You can test pictures, GIFs, and video on Upsiide. From doodle to motion picture. And everything is optimized for mobile testing, because let's face it - we're all on our phones all day anyways.

Video results

See why some creative works better than the rest.

It's a challenge to measure why one execution performs the way it does. Our Idea Split feature allows you ask follow-up questions about those creative assets you want to dig into. This helps you get a sense of purchase intent, emotional resonance, and more.

emoji question type

But how do you really feel?

Our emoji question helps you grasp the emotional impact of your creative executions. Use this question type to measure the sentiment around your creative ideas even before they hit your social accounts, TV screens, or website.

This is where we tell you why Pizza Hut loves us

With the drastic changes that COVID brought, Pizza Hut needed a platform that would help them land on the right creative for marketing campaigns.

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In their own words

  • We saved a lot of money. Before, if we wanted to test 30 ideas, we would spend thousands of dollars. And the amount of waiting time would mean weeks lost. Upsiide saved us time so we could act on key insights quickly - while saving valuable budget.

    Pizza Hut

    Devon Lawrence, Marketing Manager

    Pizza Hut