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Ensure successful campaigns by leveraging creative testing.

We've all heard the horror stories about creative that didn't work, and in some cases, damaged brand appeal. Creating a test-and-learn culture around creative testing ensures you'll never fall out of favour.

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Why creative testing?

Align your ideas with your ad campaign goals

With Upsiide's creative testing solutions, you can test up to 50 ideas and identify ad creatives that will speak to your broader marketing strategy.

Put quantifiable data behind emotional responses

Tracking ad performance is hard. Upsiide's deep-dive diagnostics help you quantify your ads' impact on the target audience and find points of optimization for better ad performance.

Understand why creative performs (or doesn't)

A/B testing on social channels tells you which creative is converting, but it doesn't tell you why. Upsiide is useful when you want to better understand what makes your audience tick.

Creative testing made easy.

Our Communications Testing solutions were built specifically to help people get going fast.

Learn how interested and committed your customers are to your creatives with Comms Screen, investigate what makes your creatives different from competitors with Comms Develop, and forecast the success of your creatives with Comms Assess.

  • Communications Screen - You have a lot of creatives. Where should you focus your efforts?   Comms Screen identifies creatives with strong Interest (i.e. a lot of people want to try this product or service) and Commitment (i.e. people will give up something else they like for this product or service). These measurements have been proven to correlate with in-market volume.
  • Communications Develop - You have a shorter set of creatives. Now you need some feedback to optimize them.   Comms Develop includes the Interest and Commitment measures from Comms Screen plus it adds diagnostics to help you learn how potential customers react to your creative, what they think about your creative and what you can do to make your creative even better.
  • Communications Assess - You are now down to 1-5 creatives and you need to go deep, identifying where to play and how to win.  Comms Assess explores the performance of your creative across the entire purchase funnel. It adds forecasting about the emotional reaction that your creative triggers, purchase intent and the optimal mix of creatives to maximize reach.
Idea view


Ensure respondents see your creative in-situ.

Choose between 5 different formats of displaying creative ideas. You can show your ideas as image or add a section to describe your creatives.

Detailed results view


Compare results against key business metrics.

It's a challenge to measure why your creatives perform the way they do. Idea Split allows you ask follow-up questions about each creative and helps you track performance against metrics like believability, credibility, purchase intent and more.

emoji question type

Emoji question

Modern question types to capture emotional resonance.

Our emoji questions reflects the way people would engage with your creatives in real life. Use it to measure the sentiment around your creative ideas even before they hit your social media accounts, billboards, or website.

How Pizza Hut Used Upsiide to Find the Best Creatives and Innovate Quickly.

The pandemic showed that being agile is one of the most important skills in marketing. With the drastic changes that COVID brought, Pizza Hut needed a platform that would find the right creatives for their marketing collateral. Upsiide came to help.

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Pizza Hut on their experience with Upsiide

  • We saved a lot of money. Before, if we wanted to test 30 ideas, we would spend thousands of dollars. And the amount of waiting time would mean weeks lost. Upsiide saved us time so we could act on key insights quickly - while saving valuable budget.

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    Devon Lawrence, Marketing Manager

    Pizza Hut

Want to know how else you can use Upsiide to innovate?

Our platform has so much more to offer from screening ideas to developing product concepts to assessing creative materials.