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We help you craft go-to-market messages that convert.

The right message has cut-through; it'll help you stand out amongst your competitors and garner the kind of attention you want.

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Why message testing?

Send the right messages to the right people.

Your audience is bombarded with information and advertising everywhere, all the time. Upsiide’s message testing solutions allow you to test as many as 50 messages to help you discover the ones that cut through and differentiate.

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Create an effective messaging hierarchy.

Understanding which messages resonate is crucial, but where should they show up in the customer journey? We help you identify a hierarchy for your team to leverage in campaigns, web copy, claims, and more.

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Better understand your customer.

Upsiide's unique question types - like our emoji question - allow you to understand how respondents react to your messages and how to create differentiated messages that stand out.

Communications testing Templates

Tailor your message testing program to your specific business needs with our dedicated Communications Testing solutions, created by the pros at Dig Insights.

Find messages and claims that align with your customers' wants, hone into specific audience segments and optimize your messaging hierarchy.

Scroll through to get a sense of what each Template helps you understand!

  • Communications Screen - You have a lot of messages. Where should you focus your efforts?   Comms Screen identifies messages with strong Interest (i.e. a lot of people want to try this product or service) and Commitment (i.e. people will give up something else they like for this product or service). These measurements have been proven to correlate with in-market volume.
  • Communications Develop - You have a shorter set of messages. Now you need some feedback to optimize them.   Comms Develop includes the Interest and Commitment measures from Comms Screen plus it adds diagnostics to help you learn how potential customers react to your message, what they think about your message and what you can do to make your message even better.
  • Communications Assess - You are now down to 1-5 messages and you need to go deep, identifying where to play and how to win.  Comms Assess explores the performance of your message across the entire purchase funnel. It adds forecasting about the emotional reaction that your message triggers, purchase intent and the optimal mix of messages to maximize reach.
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Get detailed qualitative feedback.

Our open-end question type adds a human dimension to your data. After respondents leave feedback about your ideas, Upsiide NLP analysis will automatically conduct sentiment analysis and find actionable patterns in the results.

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Discover why respondents like or dislike your message.

Why does one message perform better than the other? Why should you prioritize one message over another? And why does this matter to your business? Idea Split will give you the answers.

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Explore connections between different messages with the Idea Map.

The Idea Map helps understand how your messages relate to one another. This visual is powerful, it'll spell out competing clusters of messages and find opportunities for differentiation.

This is where we tell you why Properly loves us

Having been established in 2018, Properly’s mission has been to bring simplicity and consumer centricity to the buy and sell process. Properly came to Upsiide and learned what their customers want and how their business model fills in that gap.

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Properly's VP of Marketing on her experience with Upsiide

  • The platform was incredibly intuitive to use, and the results were even easier to analyze. Within a matter of hours, we knew which messages we should use with specific audiences, and when those messages would be most effective. Brilliant.

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    Jessica van Rooyen, VP Marketing


Upsiide can help with research across the innovation lifecycle

Our platform has so much more to offer from screening ideas to developing product concepts to assessing creative materials.