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Careers at Upsiide

We're a diverse team of marketers, sales people, developers, designers, and customer experience specialists. And we're growing like gangbusters.

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The front-end Development team

Join a team of people that care.

"Even during the first week I could tell that there’s a strong sense of community and inclusion. It seems to me that management very clearly care about their employees as people rather than putting deadlines above all else. If you are looking for an inclusive workplace with diverse talents from different backgrounds please come join us!"


The Design Team

Flex your creative muscles every day.

"Upsiide is all about teamwork, collaboration and equality. The team values creativity, innovation and provides the comfortable space for everyone to share their ideas, which is very important for me as a designer. I love being a part of such an amazing company!"


Customer Experience

Work with a game-changing product.

"Not only do I like the people I get to work with, but I truly feel like I'm working at a company that's moving our industry leaps and bounds into the future. It's very energizing to be at the forefront of the evolution of the market research industry. At Upsiide, we aren't "trying to adapt", we are driving the change."


The Development Team

Enjoy a high-trust and balanced remote-first job.

"I love working at Dig on the Upsiide platform because the company empowers me to work towards my career goals. The company culture, the trust-based workflow, and the care and respect they take with our regional culture make working at Dig a sustainable and healthy practice. They've also offer a competitive salary and cutting-edge technology which motivates and excites me every day."