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The one-stop-shop for fast, reliable innovation research.

We’ve bottled our decades of insights expertise at Dig and created brand new methodologies that make for simple and scalable DIY research.

Collage of different product innovations

study creation experience

Build a study.

Creating a study isn't scary anymore. With Upsiide’s intuitive user interface and templated studies, you can get going easily.

Take advantage of 5+ question types, preview functionality, in-platform translations, and ready-to-go study Templates. You'll be off to the races in no time.

respondent experience

Select the right audience.

Upsiide’s Audience Marketplace connects you to 44M people across the world, with built-in demographic info that helps you target the right people. If you need to screen people into your study based on preferences or behaviors you can use custom questions too.

Once you're done, save your audience as a Template for fast study creation in the future.

analysis experience

Surface strategic insights.

Not only do our standard 5 results visuals make for fast and actionable answers, but our dashboards move beyond tactics into strategic business decisions.

Want to export your results to CSV to work offline? Feel free!

Get a personalized demo

Schedule a product tour with one of our experts and get an overview of the platform.

Our approach to DIY borrows from mobile behavior.

Upsiide’s respondent experience captures the way people use their phones on a daily basis.

To indicate preference in an idea screen, a respondent swipes left or right. When they 'like' two ideas, they're asked to trade-off between the two, replicating the experience of shopping. This experience is simple but powerful, allowing us to learn which ideas respondents like most (interest) and how loyal they are to those ideas (commitment).

  • Respondent experience - swiping right on a liked idea
  • Respondent Experience - Trade Off

We do 'agile research' differently

Idea Score

Predict in-market potential

We've developed a brand new metric, the Idea Score, that makes prioritizing opportunities easy. There’s nothing else like it in the market.

Reveal strategic opportunities

A lot of restech is simplistic. Upsiide provides a clear ranking of your ideas, as well as data visualizations and volume; source of volume forecasting.

Leverage competitive context

We don't price studies based on the number of ideas being tested. You have the flexibility to test new ideas alongside in-market competitors, helping you save valuable budget.

5 dashboards make uncovering insights easy-peasy.

Upsiide gives you access to five interactive dashboards to analyze your results. This includes a quadrant chart and an idea map, both of which help you visualize how your ideas performed and the underlying structures that link groups of them together.

  • Upsiide Ideas view
  • Upsiide Quadrant Chart view
  • Upsiide Idea Map view
  • Market Simulator

Want to learn more about Upsiide?

Now that you understand how the platform works, we'd love to show you how our clients are using it in practice.