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Concept testing, but make it predictive.

No more relying on Likert scales as key indicators of success. Our concept testing methodologies are built to help you find ideas with the highest in-market potential.

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Why test concepts?


Do you have heaps of new product ideas? Upsiide lets you test up to 50 concepts (yours and competitive) at a time. This means you'll walk away with more information from one test.

Find patterns

Upsiide goes beyond finding your best product ideas. Our quadrant chart helps you  identify innovation territories, so you can uncover clear winners, those you need to rethink, and more.

Understand why

Alongside screening, Upsiide helps you conduct deep-dive diagnostics on a handful of different concepts. This means you can assess your concepts against key indicators of success for your business.

Preliminary forecasts

DIY research results can be challenging to interpret - how do you compare across dozens of Likert-scale questions? Upsiide forecasts share and source of volume to help you predict in-market performance.

Concept Testing

Our suite of concept testing Templates were built by researchers at Dig Insights to help brands at every stage of the innovation process.

Screen your new product concepts, understand how respondents react to your ideas, and forecast performance.

Scroll to check out our ready-made templates to get you started.

We've also created a sample study using one of our Templates. Click here to see it in action.

  • Concept screen - You have a lot of ideas.  Where should you focus your efforts? Concept Screen identifies ideas with strong Interest (i.e. a lot of people want to try this product or service) and strong Commitment (i.e. people will give up something else they like for this product or service). These measurements have been proven to correlate with in-market volume.
  • Concept Develop - You have a shorter set of ideas. Now you need  some feedback to optimize them. Concept Develop includes the Interest and Commitment measures from Concept Screen plus it adds diagnostics to help you learn how potential customers react to your innovation, what they think about your concept and what you can do to make your idea even better.
  • Concept Assess - You are now down to 1-5 innovations and you need  to go deep, identifying where to play and how to win.Concept Assess explores the performance of your innovations across the purchase funnel. We help you diagnose and forecast the unit share or volume of conversions for your innovation, the optimal product mix for maximum market penetration and more.

See Concept Testing in action

Want to see what a Concept Testing study might look like? Check out a sample dashboard to know what to expect 👇

Upsiide Idea Scores

Introducing, the Idea Score.

Because our respondent experience captures interest and commitment, we're able to better predict the potential performance of your ideas. This is captured in our proprietary Idea Score; There’s nothing else like it in the market.

Emoji question type

Our emoji question captures genuine emotional reactions.

Our emoji question type allows respondents to select a defined number of emojis from an array of 28. All based around Plutchik's wheel of emotions.

Idea split example

Test a handful of concepts against indicators of success.

Want to measure where your concept shines and where it doesn't? With Idea Split, you can ask respondents follow up questions about each of your product concept and compare the results against indicators for success.

Civil Pours used Upsiide to develop a winning product mix.

Civil Pours wanted to bring the taste and quality of craft cocktails to a ready-to-drink (RTD) format. We helped them develop a line of new products for their target market and rejig their pricing and marketing strategy to guide product development plans.

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Co-founder of Civil Pours on his experience with Upsiide

  • I was compelled by how closely Upsiide's research matched our experiences. In a matter of a couple of hours, it was able to show us where our drinks stand, which reflected what we’ve been learning ourselves over the last seven years. Very impressive.

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    Nick Kennedy, Co-Founder

    Civil Pours

How else can you use Upsiide to conduct research?

Whether you're looking to better understand your target audience, test creative, or develop some new packaging, Upsiide can help.