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Automated research solutions built for innovation.

The product life cycle is increasingly compressed. Upsiide helps brands like you to remain ahead of the innovation curve.

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We help you gather insights across the innovation lifecycle

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    Generate ideas

    The first step of any good innovation cycle is working with stakeholders to generate ideas. We can help you categorize these ideas effectively.

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    Test & Prioritize

    Our unique approach to idea screening means rapid feedback from your target market that'll help you prioritize the opportunities for innovation.

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    Once you've landed on the idea with the most potential, it's time to develop a fully-fledged concept that addresses key customer pain points.

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    What kind of packaging and messaging makes sense for this concept? How should pricing work? To what extent will this concept complement my existing products?

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    Now it's time to figure out how to market the product. What kinds of messages need to be included in the rollout, and how should we attract the right audience?

How we help

Upsiide Highlight Concept Testing

Concept testing

Find winning product ideas.

Our automated Concept Testing solutions help you discover ideas with the most in-market potential.

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Message Testing

Deliver the message that your consumer wants to hear.

Upsiide's Message Testing methodologies will help you find the right words that will win your customers' hearts (and wallets).

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Creative Testing

Launch successful ad campaigns.

Today, consumers see tons of images every second. We will help you identify creatives that will attract and hold your customer's attention.

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Package Design Testing

Design packaging that will drive conversions.

Packaging is one of the first things that your customer sees. Get the most out of this brand touch-point by testing and identifying the best package designs.