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Cutting edge research from the minds at Dig.

Dig is a company with two brands - Upsiide and Dig Insights. Dig Insights is the insight & strategy consultancy that came up with our unique approach to innovation research.

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Dig's approach to innovation research

At Dig, we're asking new questions in new ways.

We are building respondent experiences that mirror the ways that people engage with the world around them right now. We leverage the language of mobile (swiping, double taps, emojis, online shopping, etc.) to remove the artificial survey experience and to obtain more authentic, insightful data.

We've built Upsiide with this in mind, ensuring our new methodologies make the respondent experience better while providing better information to our clients.

What makes Dig unique

As an organization, we have a point of view on what the future of market research, data modelling, and insight generation should look like.

In order to keep pace with change...

Research needs to be modernized, borrowing from the world around us and adjacent categories to ours.

In order to produce effective research...

Research needs to be reported in metrics that matter to the business (e.g. volume or revenue or profit), not top-two box scores and jargon.

In order to gain competitive advantage...

Researchers need to become adept at leveraging technology to unlock new ways understanding people.

In order to grapple with data dumps...

Good research should be married with powerful analytics to find patterns.


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    Michael, Paul, Dominic & Ian set up Dig

    Four friends and colleagues set off on their own to create a brand new business.

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    The idea for Upsiide is borne

    We knew we wanted to create a new approach to testing innovation ideas. We began working on the Upsiide prototype.

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    We brought on a (small) development team

    We knew that if we wanted to built a great platform, we needed to bring on development talent in-house.

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    We go SaaS

    Upsiide becomes a true SaaS platform with its first customers jumping on board.

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    We created Audience Marketplace

    As of 2020 we were able to offer clients seamless access to 35M+ global respondents to send their studies to.

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    We launch Templates

    Templates are handy survey and audience guides that help our clients streamline innovation research.

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    Enter, emoji questions

    We want to make Upsiide as relevant for today's methods of communication as possible. We introduced an emoji answer option to help.

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    SOC2 Compliant

    In 2021 we became SOC2 compliant and we're pretty stoked about it.

  • 3D sphere with Dig and Upsiide new logos


    We relaunched our brands

    This is the year of change, with sparkly new brands that better reflect the tech-forward direction of Dig.