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Test and predict the performance of your marketing ideas at scale.

Our innovation insights platform helps you align your communications and creative to the preferences and expectations of your target audience.

Upsiide respondent experience

Why Upsiide?


Act quickly (and with confidence)

Now more than ever, you're being asked to make decisions quickly. With Upsiide, you can leverage research and audience Blueprints to set up and send studies in minutes, with answers from your target audience rolling in that afternoon.


Make inspired, net new decisions

The best part of running research is finding out something new. Our interactive dashboards make that easy, with a quadrant chart that helps you assess how your ideas perform against one another and an idea map that showcases the relationships underlying those ideas.


Test as many ideas as you'd like

Traditional DIY research platforms are priced based on the number of ideas you'd like to test. But on Upsiide, you can test up to 50 pieces of stimuli at once, meaning you never have to worry about limiting yourself.

How marketers leverage Upsiide


You've got a bunch of new flavors or mobile offers or product ideas, but you don't know which have the most potential. Marketers at companies like Pizza Hut and Yeti are leveraging Upsiide to quickly understand where to place their time and effort.


Whether you need to assess the effectiveness of campaign creative, or you'd like to understand which packaging options will appeal most to your target audience, Upsiide's intuitive dashboard lets you test stimuli in whatever way suits you.


You've got 20-30 different claims you think could work on a new product you're launching. But what's the right mix to launch with? Our communications testing Blueprints will let you test all of your options against each other, determining the exact right mix.

Pizza Hut pizzas

Case study

How Pizza Hut leveraged Upsiide to develop a clear innovation roadmap.

The marketing team at Pizza Hut needed an agile platform to help them test in-store creative, new menu ideas, and communications. Read on to get a sense of the value and cost-effectiveness of Upsiide.

We've saved money - a lot of money.

  • Before Upsiide, if we wanted to test 30 ideas with a traditional agency partner, we would spend tens of thousands of dollars. And the amount of time that you would need to wait for the results to come back would mean weeks lost. Upsiide has saved us weeks of waiting for results and allowed us to act on key insights right away - while saving valuable budget.

    Pizza Hut

    Devon Lawrence, Marketing Manager

    Pizza Hut

Why Upsiide is uniquely placed to help marketers


Blueprints are created by researchers

We've got a library of templates (we call them Blueprints) designed for marketing research. The best part? Our development team didn't put them together. Our colleagues at Dig Insights leveraged their decades of research experience to ensure they're fit-for-purpose and robust.

Upsiide recommended blueprints


Understand the why behind hard, quant data

Our intuitive user interface, wide variety of answer types (think: grid and emoji answer options) and easy-to-use results dashboards allow you to glean valuable nuggets of insights about your customers and how they behave.

Add a question type


Reporting that's aligned to business metrics

We've developed a brand new metric, the Idea Score, that makes prioritizing opportunities easy. And the quadrant chart shows you exactly which ideas will succeed in market, which need to be reworked, and which won't make it. There’s nothing else like it in the market.

Quadrant Chart

We work with marketing teams in many different industries

Food & Beverage

Marketing teams leverage Upsiide for their early stage idea screening, flavor testing, and package development.


We've worked with banks and emerging fintech companies to test offers, mobile banking features, and more.


Marketers at restaurant and fast food chains regularly use Upsiide to fill their innovation pipeline with validated menu items.

Alcohol & Spirits

We've worked with spirits brands big and small to optimize packaging and decide which ready-to-drink offer has the most potential to succeed in-market.


Struggling to understand which color palettes or new products to launch? We work with researchers to validate new products prior to launching them.


We work with travel and transportation companies to help them test vacation offers, creative, and messaging.