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Fine-tune your designs to stand out from the pack.

Create inspiring and memorable packaging with Upsiide's proprietary package design testing methodologies.

Pop can and a bag of chips

Why package design testing?

Create product packaging that speaks to your consumers

It’s easy to get swept by new product package ideas. Upsiide’s pack testing solutions allow you to test up to 50 package designs (yours and competitive ones), so you can land on a winning approach.

Produce compelling and distinctive packaging

Upsiide's diagnostic capabilities determine which aspects of your design the target market cares about, helping you to design packaging that ticks all their boxes.

Learn which packaging people intuitively prefer

We capture initial interest and commitment in our respondent experience, allowing you to get to grips with intuitive preference.

Pack Testing Blueprints

With our Screen, Develop and Assess package design Blueprints you'll cover your bases when it comes to understanding whether you're onto a winner.

These blueprints were created by the pros at Dig Insights, so you know they're good. Scroll through to see what the Blueprints get you!

  • Pack Screen - You have a lot of package design ideas. Where should you focus your efforts?   Pack Screen identifies ideas with strong Interest (i.e. a lot of people like your package design) and strong Commitment (i.e. people will choose your package over others). Interest and Commitment have been proven to correlate strongly with in-market volume.
  • Pack Develop - You have a shorter set of package design ideas. Now you need some feedback to optimize them.   Pack Develop includes the Interest and Commitment measures from Pack Screen plus it adds diagnostics to help you learn how potential customers react to your package design, what they think about it and what you can do to create points of differentiation.
  • Pack Assess - You are now down to 1-5 package designs and you need to go deep, identifying where to play and how to win.  Pack Assess explores the performance of your message across the entire purchase funnel. It adds forecasting the emotional reaction that your package design triggers, purchase intent and the optimal mix of package designs to maximize the reach.
Packaging Idea Scores


Introducing, the Idea Score.

Our Idea Score is one of a kind: it's specifically designed to make prioritizing package design ideas easy and is proven to be predictive of in-market performance.

Idea Split detailed view


Get detailed feedback about your mockups.

At the end of the day, you want to see how your packaging ideas perform against your business' success measures. Idea Split allows you to ask additional questions about a handful of ideas so that you can understand brand recognition, consumer purchase intent and motivations.

Quadrant Chart view


Understand the competitive context.

Test your package designs against in-market competitors to understand how the category shakes out. Our quadrant chart will map out your competitive landscape and reveal strategic opportunities.

Welo used Upsiide to develop brand new snack packaging.

Love is at the heart of everything Welo does - love for their work, love for developing quality products and love for making healthy eating easier for kids. But how can you translate this love into package design? Upsiide had the solution.

Welo products

Co-founder of Welo on her experience with Upsiide.

  • The fact that we could see which design concepts people chose over others was highly valuable. The interactive dashboard helped us find the right attributes and eliminate others. Testing different mock-ups against each other made everything so clear.

    Client Logos Welo

    Katie McKinnon, Co-Founder


Want to know how else you can use Upsiide to innovate?

Our platform has so much more to offer from screening ideas to developing product concepts to assessing creative materials.