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How MyRide901 Used Upsiide To Define Their Product Roadmap

MyRide901, a mobile app, worked with Upsiide to prioritize a set of features to introduce to their users.

Screenshots from the MyRide901 mobile app.
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Project Summary

  1. The Client

    The client is an Android and iOS mobile app that lets you keep track of all of your vehicle paperwork (including service timeline) in one place.

  2. The Challenge

    The client is trying to achieve product-market fit. They have a ton of feature ideas and are trying to identify which would appeal most to their target audience so that they can prioritize development efforts accordingly.

  3. The Solution

    The client took their list of feature ideas and ran a study with car owners in Canada and the US. The respondents were asked to rate how appealing the client’s new feature ideas would be.

  4. The Impact

    MyRide901 was able to spot a few features that were surprisingly popular. This helped them define their upcoming product roadmap.

An app that just makes sense

Picture this: you’re driving your car & suddenly, your ‘Check engine’ light comes up. You tell yourself - “Okay, let me drive to the nearest mechanic and get this fixed”. You pull up and the mechanic asks, “When was the last time you got it serviced?”…Crickets.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just whip your phone out & share a detailed service history of your car? That’s where MyRide901 comes in. It captures everything - receipts, images, and service documentation on a timeline that vehicle owners can share with others.

No more saving pictures of receipts on your phone, no more scribbling dates on small pieces of paper that you will inevitably lose. And guess what? When the time comes to sell your car, you’ll be able to sell it faster and at a higher price because you already have a documented timeline of all repair work/service history. Ka-ching!

Early days

MyRide901 is in its growth phase & they’re trying to validate that they’ve reached product-market-fit.

We’ve got a product, and we’ve got a market. We’re trying to see where the alignments are. We’ve got a roadmap of features that we’re planning for this year. Also, we’re questioning the value of some of our current features within the app.

Victor W. von Buchstab

Founder & CEO, MyRide901

Enter, Upsiide

They reached out to Upsiide with a business problem of understanding which features their target audience wants, which will then help them prioritize their future product roadmap. Their team brainstormed several ideas internally that they thought would appeal to their audience. Some ideas they knew would perform well, and they were just seeking data validation to back up their hypothesis.

Surprise, surprise!

The study was fielded to a group of car owners, and within a few hours, the results were in for Victor and team to review. Certain features rose to the top (as Victor expected) while others were true eye-openers.

Seeing respondents rank 2 of these features so highly really confirmed things for us, which was great. We now have a data-driven dashboard to go back to whenever we want.

On the other hand, seeing people love this other feature was quite a surprise. This was way down our priority list, but the numbers are there to see that it should be moved up on our list.

Victor W. von Buchstab

Founder & CEO, MyRide901

The dashboards within Upsiide really helped explain why certain features performed well. Apart from the Idea Screen and Bar Chart that ranked the most liked features, the Quadrant Chart helped identify which features were absolute winners, or features that drove a small yet committed audience. These dashboards helped them get to value quickly.

To top it off, the ability to filter data into sub-groups (primary and secondary decision makers) and see what they liked was just what the MyRide901 team wanted. This could then be used to create separate, targeted marketing messages for each group.

We’re definitely using insights from these dashboards. We’re moving forward with developing the top 2 performing features for our users.

Victor W. von Buchstab

Founder & CEO, MyRide901

Cherry on top

Having the study dashboard with results was great, but what knocked it out of the park for MyRide901 was the power of our consulting. The results from this study were migrated over to PowerPoint slides that not only provided additional context (like TURF analysis) but also were designed beautifully.

Plus, having a consultant from Dig Insights walk through these results and bring their consumer research expertise to the table enabled MyRide901 to take these insights & make insight-driven decisions for their product roadmap.

Receiving the subject matter expertise is valuable, so they can bring knowledge & insights that we wouldn’t see.

Victor W. von Buchstab

Founder & CEO, MyRide901

We’re super excited to see MyRide901 roll out new features in the coming months that will make many car ownership much easier. If you want to learn more about them, click here.

And if you want to see how Upsiide can help you define your product roadmap, give us a shout!