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Order Up: Trends in QSR & What’s Driving Change

Grab yourself a breakfast sandwich from your fast food restaurant of choice and watch this webinar on-demand as we walk you through the results of our latest study on QSR ordering trends.

QSR Trends Webinar

The quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry is no stranger to innovation. Automatic food elevators, AI app assistants, and cashier-less drive-thrus are all real examples of new offerings in the industry.

But is this actually what consumers want from their ordering experience? What aspects of ordering matter most to them, and which new features will make them convert?

In this webinar, we’ll answer all these questions as we walk you through the results of our latest study. Daniel Dharmasurya, a Senior Manager of Insights at Dig, will explain how brands should approach different consumer groups to create the optimal ordering experience.

Join us to discover more about:

  • What North American consumers want out of the ordering experience

  • How your brand can prioritize the aspects of ordering that consumers care most about

  • The reasons people still use restaurant apps (it’s not just about convenience)

  • The brand-new tech advancements your brand should be capitalizing on

Daniel Dharmasurya, Senior Manager, Insights, Dig Insights