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Mastering Upsiide: Advanced Strategies for Success

Join our Customer Experience team to discover Upsiide's advanced techniques, tips, and new features you might have missed.

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Take your Upsiide skills to the next level đźš€

You know Upsiide, and you might have already used it before. This webinar is designed to help you harness the platform's advanced features and gain an edge in your research projects.

What's in it for you?

  • Get exclusive tips on how to get the most out of your license

  • Discover hidden gems within Upsiide that you might not have known

  • Master advanced techniques for power users to do efficient research 

  • Q&A: Get answers to all your research questions from our expert Upsiide team

Who's speaking

Join Patrick Lambert as he shares things you might not know about Upsiide and tips about doing research more efficiently. 

Patrick Lambert

VP, Customer Experience @ Upsiide

Patrick Lambert