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How to Get More Out of Upsiide

Innovators, this one's for you. Our Customer Experience team will walk you through everything you need to squeeze the most out of your Upsiide subscription.

Upsiide Client Event 2022

Agile consumer research isn't always easy.

How early you test ideas, how often you iterate throughout the process, and the tools you use can impact the outputs of your research. This session is designed for people that want to upskill their Upsiide game.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why testing ideas early is critical to success

  • Why iterative concept testing is better than “pass/fail” measures

  • How Upsiide’s Market Simulator can be used to validate source of volume and incrementality

Who's speaking

A good market research program supporting the innovation process is invaluable to the modern innovator’s toolkit. Join Patrick Lambert and Melanie Lowe from Upsiide as they share expert perspectives and best practices for conducting agile consumer research to support innovation. 

Patrick Lambert

VP, Customer Experience @ Upsiide

Patrick Lambert

Melanie Lowe

AVP, Customer Enablement @ Upsiide

Melanie Lowe