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Product Updates

Upsiide evolves everyday! This page keeps track of what we've built into the platform as of now and what we're cooking up internally.

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The Upsiide journey

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    We created Audience Marketplace

    As of 2020 we were able to offer clients seamless access to 35M+ global respondents to send their studies to.

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    Idea Split launches

    With Idea Split, sometimes to referred to as monadic splits, you have the power to dictate how many ideas each respondent sees.

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    Enter, emoji questions

    We want to make Upsiide as relevant for today's methods of communication as possible. We introduced an emoji answer option to help.

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    SOC2 Compliant

    In 2021 we became SOC2 compliant and we're pretty stoked about it.

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    Dig Solutions

    We've worked with our colleagues at Dig to develop Blueprints, or customizable templates, that address innovation testing needs in a new way. Think Concept Testing and Pack Testing but with a heck of a lot more to it.

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    Market Simulator goes live

    Want to understand how a new innovation will play in the market? Will it be incremental or cannibalistic to what already exists? Now you can do it in a matter of clicks.

Release Notes

Nov 23, 2022

2.15 - Recall

We’re expanding our study functionality to now enable recall of respondents’ answers. When filling out response options for a question, you can press @ to recall checked/unchecked responses from a previous question. Respondents only see the options you want them to see!

Nov 17, 2022

2.14 - Video testing launch

Introducing videos to the list of what you can now test on Upsiide! Be it that swanky brand video or that sponsored Instagram story ad, now get your audience to watch your video and swipe left or right.

Just select the 'Video' tab and paste your video URL. That’s it!

Oct 25, 2022

2.12 - Optional questions

Now make any question in your study optional, so respondents don’t have to answer all your questions. Mark any questions as optional so they can skip those if they’re not applicable to them.

Oct 17, 2022

2.11 - No obligation trial

Introducing our no-obligation trial that gives you access to Upsiide for 30 days - no commitment or credit card needed.

Add your email address & in a few clicks, you’re in. We will also send you resources during your 30-day trial that will cover everything you need to make the most of your trial period.

Sep 22, 2022

2.10 - Idea Library

No more re-uploading ideas from scratch, all you need to do is select “Import ideas from a section” while uploading your idea & select the ones you want to import. You can import either individual ideas or full sections with the same layouts to save significant time in study creation.

Sep 9, 2022

2.9.4 - Auto-Net Results in Splits

Easily handpick only specific responses in your analysis, and automatically get their sum/net to understand how big a slice of the pie they make up.

When analyzing results of your study, select ‘Customize Report’, click the eye icon to select/unselect any response to generate an Auto-Net of the selected responses. Great for calculating things like the share of top 2 performers, bottom 3 etc.

Aug 29, 2022

2.9.0 - Duplicating Blueprints

A lot of work goes into building a solid study. And once created, researchers often want to reuse parts of that study in the future.

Enter, the power of duplication. We’ve introduced the ability to duplicate studies quickly, make your required changes & launch. No more recreating them all over again. With this release, you can:

  • Duplicate any existing study into a new draft to make required tweaks

  • Save any existing study as a Blueprint in your library to share with team members

  • Duplicate any existing Blueprint from your library to save time creating future studies

June 29, 2022

2.8.0 - Market Simulator

Introducing Market Simulator - our latest in-platform dashboard that lets you quickly understand where an innovation sources volume from. It helps you understand the business impact of launching something new in the market, whether it will increase or cannibalize your market share, and what the market potential is for your new innovation.

It sits alongside our existing interactive dashboards for Idea Screen and takes just one click to generate.

Market Simulator runs our proprietary algorithm consisting of a mix of choice modelling expertise, advanced analytics and Hierarchical Bayesian (HB) modelling techniques, helping us generate source of volume data up to 100x times faster than traditional methods. It is available to all our Enterprise customers as part of their Upsiide subscription.

April 4, 2022

New Pricing, Self-Sign Up and Dig Solutions

New Pricing

To reflect new functionality and feature tiering, we’ve produced 2 brand new pricing plans. You’ll see a full breakdown of our new pricing, broken out into a Professional and Enterprise license.

Professional is designed to serve brands and businesses that don’t require a Customer Success Manager and don’t leverage some of our more complex reporting and study design features. These users will have access to our Help Center and chat support, will have access to basic study creation features, and will exclusively pay for Audience Marketplace and subscriptions via credit card.

Enterprise is designed for our enterprise and agency clients; those accounts that require multi-language and multi-survey functionality, invoicing, and features like drop-off reporting and the Idea Map. Please get in touch to learn more.

Self-Signup & Trial

Our self-signup flow is now live on Upsiide!

When you visit the new pricing page and select the Professional plan you have the opportunity to start a free 30-day trial* after submitting your company and credit card details.

This is a huge step in a new direction for Upsiide - allowing you to get your hands on the platform quickly, muck around with the features, and validate if Upsiide is a good fit for your business. To help you get comfortable with the platform quickly, we’ve also created a product tour that calls out key areas of the dashboard for a user to peruse, as well as a beautifully-designed example study that showcases how to leverage Upsiide's functionality.

*Note that ‘free trial’ does not mean you will be able to send studies for free. Rather, it means we’re waiving the platform subscription fee for 1 month.

Claims Screen & Assess Blueprints

The Dig Solutions just keep on coming! We've implemented 2 new claims testing Blueprints, created in conjunction with our consultants at Dig Insights. Head into the Upsiide platform to find them in your Blueprints library.

October 13, 2021

2.6.2 - Audience Data & Study Reporting UI Revamp

We're excited to share this release which brings some new functionality, improvements to old, and many bug fixes and performance enhancements along the way

Audience Data

A popular request among Upsiide elite, reporting on Audiences is here! You'll now see a new sidebar tab called "Audience Data" in each study which will break down your core Demographics, Advanced Targets, and Custom Targets. For Custom Targets only, you can even see where and why people are disqualified from your study.

Note: Custom Qualifier disqualification is not backward compatible. Meaning, you'll only see this in your new studies.

Study Reporting Revamp

With all the exciting additions to Upsiide in the past year, the reporting section was looking a little... err... disjointed. Our design team has tweaked things across the board for a more unified experience that's easier to read and interpret than ever before. You'll also notice an improved navigational sidebar to make finding results a breeze.

And as always, various smaller improvements and bug fixes across the board.

August 11, 2021

2.6.1 - New Question Types, Settings Window, Exports & More

This release is filled to the brim with brand new functionality to help our clients do more, more easily, on Upsiide!

New Question Types

Emoji Question

We're introducing a brand new question type that allows you to leverage a set of 24 emojis to capture quantifiable data from respondents about how an idea makes them feel.

These 24 emojis will serve as answer options that a respondent can select.

The Emoji question type can be used in the Questions and Idea Split study sections.

You have the ability to decide exactly how many emojis you'd like each respondent to select. For instance, if you only want a respondent to select a specific number of emojis, you'd select 'exactly X' on the right-hand side settings window.

Grid Question

A grid question is a group of multiple-choice questions traditionally displayed in a grid of rows and columns. On Upsiide, the rows are called Attributes and the columns are called Answer Options. The rows present the stimuli (things being tested) to the respondents, and the columns offer a set of predefined answers (typically a scale) that apply to the Attributes in question.

Because Upsiide is a mobile-native experience for respondents, we've ensured that each attribute is shown in isolation alongside the full set of answer options. This means that the Grid question has been optimized for mobile responses.

The order of attributes can be randomized by toggling 'Randomize Attributes' in the settings window. The same goes for randomizing answers - select 'Randomize Answers' in the settings window.

This will help ensure robust answers that are unbiased due to the preferential order of attributes.

Grid questions can be used as a custom qualifier when selecting your audience. They can also be used as a question type in Idea Screen and Idea Split study sections.

The attributes from a Grid question can also be used as filters when doing an Idea Split. This allows you to more easily navigate between the best and worst performing ideas, uncovering insights across audience subgroups.

Question Type Amendments

Single & Multi-Select Question Type

Single and multi-select question types have merged into one - the 'Select' question type.

When creating a Select question, you decide if you'd like to make it a single or multi-select by toggling ON 'Multiple Selection' in the settings window.

You also have the option to indicate how many answers you'd like each respondent to select. You can choose from these options:

  • 'Up to _'

  • 'Exactly _'

  • 'Unlimited'

Open End Numeric

We've made it possible for you to use our open text question type to collect exclusively numeric values, down to a decimal point. You can also incorporate negative numbers.

To do this, select 'Numeric Value Only' in the settings window when creating an Open Text question.

Images in More Places

You can now include images in your response options, as well as the overall question. This will allow respondents to select an image as opposed to text when answering.

N.B. You will still need to include a text label for each answer option, but you can hide the text label from respondents in the settings window on the right-hand side.


We've re-jigged the settings window to the right-hand side of your study creator dashboard. This makes it easier to quickly make changes to your study, while also referencing those changes while reviewing your work.

You've also now got the ability to choose advanced study settings in the 'Advanced Settings' drop-down. This makes it easy to select how you'd like image answers displayed to respondents answering the study.

Data and Exports

Raw Data

We've made changes to our exports that make it significantly easier to work with the raw Upsiide data, depending on your need.

You can now export all of the data from your study into one zip file, or you can export sections of your study based on the section types.

The study sections are as follows:

  • Question Responses - when using single or multi-choice, open text, grid, or emoji questions.

  • Idea Screen - when testing ideas, leveraging the swiping and trade-off functionality.

  • Idea Split - when assessing a handful of ideas (in isolation) against specific questions.

For Idea Screen and Idea Split exports you'll get export files that relate to each other, helping you paint the full picture of the data you have. On the platform, we call this 'relational data'.

Component Exports

We've also improved the exports from specific Upsiide questions and studies. In most cases, you can export images (png format) or data tables (CSV format). These files do not include lots of additional information about your study, current base size, and current filters applied.

Importing Data

It is now easier to import relevant data to the Upsiide platform so that you can use these data groups as filters in report views. This allows you and your team to layer further context onto the insights gathered on Upsiide.

In the 'Settings/Import Data' section of your Upsiide dashboard, download the 'Starter' file, which will show you how to import additional data into the platform.

Paste Feature

It's now easy to paste answer options into the Upsiide platform. If you're building a study based on an external draft document, you can shorten your programming time by using the paste shortcut built into your keyboard (PC or Mac).

Insider's tip: for every paragraph break that you include on your draft document, Upsiide will create a new answer option in-platform.

June 29, 2021

2.6.0 - Idea Splits

We've launched Idea Splits!

With Idea Split, sometimes referred to as monadic splits, you have the power to dictate how many ideas each respondent sees. This will allow you to evaluate a select number of ideas against key performance indicators or business metrics that are most relevant to your business.

If you'd like to learn more about how to leverage Idea Splits, head to our Support Centre.

We can't wait to hear what you think of the newest feature! Any feedback you've got, feel free to log it directly with us on the Feedback tab.

2.5.1 - Blueprints

We've launched Blueprints!

This feature makes it easy for you and your team to create study templates, save them, and reuse them over and over.

You can:

  • Create standardized studies for specific use cases

  • Seamlessly send out the same study to different

  • Share your standardized templates across the organization

You'll be able to set up studies faster, with less room for error and less time authoring questions.

A few exciting features:

  • Account admins can share Blueprints across workspaces to make everyone's lives easier

  • Audiences are not attached to Blueprints, which means you can customize audience parameters every time

  • You can work with Upsiide's Professional Services to have study Blueprints created specifically for your needs, with the confidence that it was done by the experts.

If you'd like to learn more about how to leverage Blueprints, head to our Support Centre.

Can't wait to hear what you think of the newest feature! Any feedback you've got, feel free to log it directly with us on the Feedback tab.

April 5, 2021

2.5.0 - Audience Marketplace

Introducing the Upsiide Audience Marketplace!

With the new Audience Marketplace, it's now easier than ever to access Upsiide's 35M+ respondents globally.

Marketplace gives you access to thousands of qualifications, real-time pricing, and the ability to create, save, and share your own custom audiences.

Learn more about Audience Marketplace here.

The details:

  • Create, save, and share your own custom Audiences

  • Access to thousands of Demographics and Advanced Qualifiers to ensure you're speaking to the exact audience you need. Or write your own Custom Qualifiers.

  • Advanced quota capability on all Advanced Quotas and Demographics.

  • Access to expert Upsiide audience templates

  • Real-time pricing estimation and updating

  • Additional controls on BYO (Bring Your Own) Audiences, including automatic link expiry

  • Update your preferred billing method or credit card on each Audience purchase.