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Canadian Consumers Respond to Sports Betting Changes: What You Need to Know

The Canadian sports betting industry is feeling the effects of some pretty major legal changes. In this webinar, we walk through our brand new study based on feedback from Canadian consumers.

Sports Betting Study

Over the last years, the Canadian sports betting industry has experienced major changes. The federal ban on single-game sports betting was lifted in August 2021. In Ontario, the market for private gambling opened in April.

To understand the impact of the changes, we ran a study with over 1000 Canadian betters and non-betters. And in this webinar, we’ll walk through the results of the study and explain:

  • What the size and specific characteristics of the total addressable market for sports betting in Canada is

  • How aware people are of single-bet sports betting being legalized and what the perception of the change in law is

  • What current sports-betting behaviour looks like

  • What types of sign-up promotional incentives resonate with most consumers