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Quirk's Chicago 2022

Quirk's Media has been dedicated to promoting the understanding, use and value of marketing research and customer insights across all industries. In April 2022, we visited Quirk's Chicago event to meet up with like-minded research pros and tell about our work with Kraft Heinz.

Quirk's Chicago

Isolation Is So 2020! How Dig’s Concept Assess Methodology Helped Kraft Heinz Optimize a Product Pre-Launch

Sure, isolation was a way of life for a while. But concept testing in isolation isn’t the way of life at Kraft Heinz, because it doesn’t reflect the actual shopper experience, which is inherently competitive.

Kraft’s Consumer Insights team wanted a quick, agile, and trustworthy way to understand the potential of a brand new product. In order to make sure these results were useful, they needed to be able to gauge the concept’s potential in relation to the rest of the competition. Enter, Concept Assess.

The team at Dig worked with Marat Fleytlikh to test their product concept in an entirely new way, leveraging the Concept Assess methodology that’s baked into our Upsiide platform.

Mike Pecoraro, Director of Insights at Dig, along with Marat at Kraft Heinz, talks about why Concept Assess was so valuable for their team.