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What Next? Limited-Time Offers in the QSR Space

What's the formula for a successful limited-time offer? We've got the answer.

QSR Webinar

We've discovered what makes consumers try new LTOs. Hint - it's all about balancing the copy with the creative.

Here's what you'll learn:

1. The difference between testing descriptions and testing creatives

We assessed LTOs in two formats and discovered some strong differences and similarities in the results.

2. Which copy and creative attracts consumers best

A winning menu item should excite consumers not just with its taste, but with how you describe and show it. Discover which words and images get shoppers excited about an offer.

3. The components of a winning LTO

At the end of the day, it's all about flavour. This report tells you how you should choose the ingredients for your next limited-time menu item.

4. Why low price doesn't really matter in an LTO

Sure, people like to save money. But that's not the core driver of choice - find out what is depending on your category.