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How to Use Research to Prioritize Your Tech Roadmap

We spoke to CEO and Product Manager at fintech startup ApTap. They discussed how Upsiide helped them prioritize the most impactful features to develop for their target audience.

ApTap Webinar

As a fintech brand that specializes in subscription management and switching, ApTap wants to change the way people have traditionally managed subscription finances. But with so many ideas about where their product could go, and a backlog of features in need of prioritization, ApTap's team needed to understand which features would have the greatest impact,

Nadal Sarkytbayev, CEO, and Lachlan Shaw-Stewart, Product Manager at ApTap, will join us for this webinar to share:

  • How technology companies can and should lean on research to prioritize feature development

  • What they discovered from their research and how they applied it in the development process

  • Lessons learned from using a DIY research platform