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How to Apply Insights to CPG Pack Design

ADVANCED joined us to talk about a project they did with Upsiide to find the best packaging design for their new RTD product.

Upsiide x Advanced

Learn how to use research to create stand out pack designs

Working in a niche consumer space is hard. Launching a brand-new product category within that space is even harder. That was the problem for ADVANCED.

As a producer of powdered energy supplements for gamers, ADVANCED wanted to expand its product stack to the RTD space. But how does one compete in a category with an already fierce competition?

Upsiide helped ADVANCED realize that it was all about effective package design. In this webinar we chat to Richard Ng, Marketing Director, and Adam Fitzsimmons, Creative Director, to find out:

  • Why and how ADVANCED came to Upsiide to test package designs

  • What challenges they found during the research process

  • Expectations, realities and key learnings from the package design tests

... and more!